Everything can change just at a click with the help of fast growing technologies. It is basically for creating/ producing software. Jobs Portal is a software product allowing the employers to post their jobs, the job seekers to sign up and search for jobs and many others. It is the innovative web based solution which is designed for global IT, Non IT companies and recruitment agencies. Our job portal development use web 2.0 technologies. You can avail our services for Job Posting, Confidential Job Posting, Cheaper hiring process, Database Access, Unlimited space for Job description, Automatic Job Alerted to targeted job seekers, Instance response from targeted job seekers, Mass mailing to short listed candidates. This software could be produced for the three most common purposes, to meet specific needs of a specific business, to meet a specific need of some set of potential users, or for personal use. It involve many departments, including marketing, engineering, research and development and general management, People are taking help of online job portals or Recruitment Websites to hire right candidate with ease and more effectively.

Online Job Portal - Features

  • Completely configurable site colors and graphics
  • Job Alert features
  • Basic search on homepage
  • Browsing is convenient as jobs are categorized into multilevel categories
  • Front page display for job categories, front page featured jobs and latest jobs
  • Job category ordering can be configured to by admin or be set as alphabetic
  • Job Application information and interview schedules
  • Contact us form for getting feedback
  • Static information pages like News, FAQ, About Us etc.
  • Email verification and it can be switched on/off from admin panel
  • Password retrieval system
  • In built ad management system and View and Edit Profile.
  • Support for banner ads, text ads and affiliate ads.
  • Support for running Google AdWords

Features for Job Seekers

  • Maintain multiple resumes
  • View, edit, copy and send resumes
  • Resumes can be mark as searchable
  • Resumes can be mark as confidential
  • Multiple and duplicate cover letters can be maintained
  • Advanced search and Save search results for jobs

Features for Employers

  • Extensive usage stats (For categories, members, new sign ups, resumes, jobs etc).
  • Category ordering for display on front end
  • Site parameters and layout parameters can be highly configurable
  • Fully customizable graphic elements and Full control over site color scheme from admin panel
  • Configure all outgoing emails
  • Configure fees like job posting,featured job offers etc
  • Location management console to add/edit/remove locations for which jobs can be posted
  • Approve logos for premium employers
  • View/Edit/Delete/ search Members
  • Extensive jobs management, resume management, letter management console
  • Individually or collectively email to Subscribers
  • Visitor feedback option
  • Add /edit /delete transactions
  • Support for banner ads, text ads and affiliate ads
  • Sponsored ad management
  • Recent stats for jobs posted today,yesterday and in last 7 days
  • Job categories management console (multilevel)
  • Add / edit / remove categories
  • Shift jobs from one category to another.
  • Create / Edit / Save as many color schemes and icons as you like
  • Switch ON-OFF email verification process
  • Cleanup routines
  • Search subscribers
  • View all billing transactions
  • Extensive employer management console
  • Manage premium employers
  • Extensive job seeker management console
  • Search/ edit /delete job offers
  • Search/ edit /delete resumes and cover letters
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