Responsive Website Design

Responsive web designing is the need in today’s digitalized world. With more and more use of mobile phones and tablets, it is essential to design a website that looks perfect with easy viewing experience not only on laptops and desktops but on other devices too. It is becoming more important as mobile traffic accounts for more than half of total internet traffic. It is an approach which aimed at desktop webpages which is to be viewed in response to the screen size or web browser. It also aimed at crafting websites in order to provide easy reading, panning and scrolling and navigation with minimum of resizing. Responsive web design is the application of creating a website which is suitable to work on every devices, no matter whether the device is large or small. It provides instinctive and gratifying user experience to access your website. With responsive website, if you switch from your laptop to iPad, the website will automatically switch and look great on your device.

Advantages of Responsive Web Design

It provides great flexibility  as the content flows freely across all devices.

It enhances superior user experience whether you are on laptop, desktop, smart phones or tablets.

It is cost effective.

It is easy to manage.

Allow modification of website

You can accessible website from anywhere at anytime.

It saves the time.

SEO rankings enhances by the same URL.

It provides user  smooth and optimized experience.

The user base increases with the same URL

Responsive websites have one URL and same HTML so it becomes easier for google to crawl and organize content  so google recommends responsive web design.


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