Techradius Hitech SaaS product development Cloud Strategies works with client’s software development organizations to address the many new requirements of development of software for SaaS.  We assist software organizations develop the architectures and processes for SaaS Product development, and transition of existing software organization to build SaaS product development.

Software development is substantially different for SaaS companies.  Product cycles are much shorter, sustaining costs are dramatically reduced without the need to maintain multiple older releases, and the technology used must be more current.  Existing software companies with development staff more comfortable with client/server than modern web technology.

SaaS Product Development

Client Technology Choice for Saas Product Development Service

New Saas products development service will almost exclusively employ HTML5 technology as a key component of their desktop client software which is well suited for SaaS product development.

SaaS products will generally want to have APIs to allow development of additional capabilities by third party developers, provide with other software packages Big Data applications, and provide services to mobile applications and development.

Saas provide Server side development new requirements. The Techradius Hitech performance requirements for SaaS environment where many tenants much more demanding than on premise software supporting a single tenant.  Multi-tenant shared databases require additional security to data from different tenants on the same server.

Saas product development Software uptime becomes much more critical as any time potentially effecting thousands or millions of clients becomes much more visible. Saas product development software must be architected to be much more resilient from failure and have a low MTTR.

Finally, Techradius Hitech, the SaaS product development company Jaipur India is now responsible for the operation of the software such as system monitoring including performance, fault detection and remediation, security, and audit streams.  While other software will be used to perform many of these SaaS operational functions, the Techradius Hitech SaaS Product development and other company’s architecture must be designed to work well with these tools.

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